Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Je suis francaise!

Zut alors!

After ten years of dating, I have finally met my boyfriend's mother's family. And, boy, did I meet them. After celebrating his first cousin's wedding in grand style - and when I say grand, I mean that the wedding party did not sleep for three days - we spent four days camping (and eating) on the beachy shores of Square Pond.

We kept the fire burning - and covered with food - for just about every hour of our camping adventure. The beach was litteered with about 10-15 tents, pop-ups and the camp was filled to the brim. Even Aaron's mum, sister and their families joined us for a crazy dinner of more than twenty people and maybe three dogs. It was hard to keep track of the constant coming and goings of people that I had just met.

I even learned that I apparently like the same style of bathing suit as an 8 year old!! Can you guess which one is me?

Thanks to my new family, I learned sooo much. I was introduced to the creepiness of febreeze pizza (no, we did NOT eat it); fire breathing meatballs for breakfast, lunch or dinner; got my hair done in a super crazy S shaped French Braid; got my first full-fledged army bracelet; had frozen drinks while warming up in front of the fire; five pounds of bacon and cinnamon raisin french toast english muffins are a great way to start the day - but only if you deep fry the eggs in bacon fat; that five year olds make great break dancers; it's not just my man that craves attention while his lady is reading romance novels; that bearded Abby can be scary in the dark; "wake up and move slowly away from the skunk"; Ninja is a great game if you want to slap your cousin; organic food is AWESOME but entire packets of colored marshmellows are way better; Safety, Zipper & Doorknob; paddle boats SUCK; so much, much more ...oh yeah, and more wooing than a Jersey wedding :)

What a great location for some afternoon yoga and my 11,12 & 14 year old cousins were open minded enough to join me :) Swaying in tree to the breeze with newly discovered family? Priceless :)

And if that wasn't enough, how about some local rib eyes? This beautiful selection covering the grill was only round one ;) But the best? Instead of smores, try roasting croissants over the fire, then rolling them in butter and brown sugar. Ah, les francais :)

Even Vespi had a good time, alternating between canoeing, fishing & being fed by her new best friend, baby Mitchell and snuggling with her confidant, Aunt Linda. Pretty confident that she loved being spoiled by everyone all week.

All in all, it was a beautiful week on a beautiful lake. I had never met a single one of these people before Saturday, but my time we left Wednesday morning, I was sad to leave my long lost family. Cannot wait until next year :)

Bonne nuit, mes amis!

May You Find the Spirit of the Mountains Within You,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Square Pond, Sanford, Maine


  1. i could feel the love in your post. :) Sounds like an amazing time!

  2. Thanks! It was definately overwhelming. I needed the blog just to help me sort through everything that happened. hahahaha.