Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sleep Running

As a ski bum, I hate waking up early for anything that's not at least a few inches of powder. To avoid the humid heat of the Vermont summer and the tourists that ride the gondola, you have to get up early - which for me will gradually become 7am. For now, though, nine is plenty early enough.

The problem is that I am not awake while I am running, so I'm not paying attention to anything, just really moving my feet and trying to stay upright. Although, I wake up pretty fast when I stub my toe or step on some horrible rock or branch with my Vibram Five Fingers...

But it was beautiful this morning, what I remember anyways :) The sun was shining, so much so that we had to hide in the shade as much as possible on our way up to the top of Bear.

This big guy scared the shit out of me! I was so focused on prepping for the uphill switchbacks that I never even saw him until he hopped right across the trail - he was bigger than my fist!

I didn't really realize how beautiful it was today until I uploaded all the photos. So glad I bring my camera :)

I tried to get Vespi to go on this log ride in the stash, but she took like two or three steps and jumped down...and gave a dirty look over hee shoulder before continuing along the trail.

When we got to the top of Bear, I really wasn't feeling it anymore, so I thought we would just run down the work road...STUPID CRUSHED ROCKS!! These things hurt when hell if you step on them wrong...and they are everywhere! I end up looking like a stupid looking sprite, making dainty little steps down the road trying not to hurt my soft ski boot feet...

random cracked robin's egg in the middle of the trail - I hope it was from a birth and not somethings breakfast

My new favorite part of running? The final leg home is just a field of knee to theigh high grass because they haven't mowed this year. I think this is awesome - the ground underneath is full of moisture and super squishy. Just perfectly wonderful for my beat up feet :) like a foot spa or something. hahahaha.

...I think I will go paddling tomorrow...

See you on the Mountain,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Bear Mountain, Killington, VT

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