Thursday, July 7, 2011

No More Giggle for the South Ridge Triple

The Chairlifts are down,
the cable is rolled.
So why do I feel
like my heart has been sold?

Every winter we ski
since before we could read
but there's only one chair
for which we beg and we plead

It's too cold, said the moms
in their fancy headbands
It's too slow, said the dads
but us kids took a stand

We don't care about the cold
this is winter - there's snow!
Anyone can ski fast
- but it's fun to go slow

So it's off to the chair
That's the best one of all
It makes everyone laugh
Both the big and the small

Sudden Turns Ahead!
The sign caused quite a fright
The chair Jerks you around
First hard left, then back right

Yeah it was cold,
And yeah it was slow
but that turn made the difference
one of a kind, you know?

It's the Giggle chair
called that for a reason
And now, one last goodbye
Thanks for a great final season.

Thanks to the South Ridge Triple, a true one-of-kind chairlift, and the location of so many of my strongest childhood ski memories. Uphill towers are currently being deconstructed; I witnessed the electrical wiring coming down today. The downhill towers will remain, according to various sources, to be spliced with parts from the Snowdon And Devil's Fiddle Quads to make a traditional (straight) lift to the top of South Ridge when they are ready.

No more Giggle for the South Ridge Triple :(

See you on the Mountain,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:South Ridge, Killington, VT


  1. So So Sad. We had some good times on the chair...

  2. Totally UNIQUE Triple, this was the chair that goes up but does not come down. Riding with a newby on this chair was fun, told him to look at that owl in the tree over there as the turns approach. Then watch the reaction as the unexpected turn giggles the skiier.
    At this point, you could point out that this lift goes up, but does not come down, as the returning chairs are out of sight as is the top and the bottom.
    Never a line at the SRT, and it served great terrain. Roundabout is my favorate trail and the SRT served it best. Many good times were had in ECHO WOODS when it was open and gladed.
    I am sorry to see it go, I wish that I rode it more when I could.
    A quad there would be O.K.
    IF they run it up the returning chair path, and
    IF they open it more than on just the most over-crowded days.

  3. Sad, as this chair was an excellent connector from Bear Mt to the main mountain near Cascade.
    Now we will have to go to sky peak, ski down, cross country across to the K-1 and up to reach the K and Canyon area....a big waste when it's crowded. Let's hope they get the chair back up soon.the kick around turn was a trip.
    Boston Baby

  4. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! That's my giggle chair ma soeur!!! I named it! I had no idea...I'm so sad right now...I feel like they're taking away a piece of my childhood. : (

  5. Really good Merisa, more writing, more poems, more photos!