Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lazy River!!

The tubes are pumped full of air, the carpooling is organized, and the drinks are ready! Time to hit up the White River for an amazing day of lazy rivering...Toast a glass of lemonade and sweet tea vodka to the river gods :)

First stop: Rock Island for drink refills. About 15 minutes in it's time to get out on dry lad and see if your tube needs to be reblown up! The water was moving so well, we were flying down the river. While it was super breezy above water, the stillness underneath was captivating :)

Aaron doing it up awesome.

I could not stop laughing today at all. I was laughing so hard that I fell out of my tube in this section of rapids - - and my lower body was dragged along the bottom while I tried to haul myself back up onto my tube turned rescue flotation device :)

I managed to fall off a second time but now I was dragged underneath the water. When I finally got turned around to look downtream, I floated right into a tree branch...Closed my eyes...and thankfully I didn't get a branch to the belly...

But all's fun on the Lazy River as we float toward the final turn...

See you on the Mountain,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:White River, Gaysville, Vermont

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