Thursday, June 2, 2011

Skiing Killington on June 1st!!

What an amazing day of adventure! What started off with a little technical mountain biking on the lower Killington trails, came close to being scary as tornado watches developed all around the Killington region! The JAX June 1st Fun Slalom (complete with free burgers) was cancelled due to pending thunderstorms, but my trusted weatherman (my radar obsessed boyfriend) was able to determine thst the storms would recede after five o'clock. So what was supposed to develop into horrible weather developed into a full fledged ski party instead!

We took the long way around - carrying our ski boots in our backpacks or aroud our necks - and came upon this sad old snowmaking hydrant.

...but also these beautiful flowers.

You can still see the scars to the mountain from the blasting this past summer...but as long as the guests are happy, it doesn't matter what we do to the mountain, right?

But, this is what we came for. Two small patches of snow on the bottom half of Superstar Headwall were all we needed to make some of the most memorable turns of the season! You could link about seven turns (fifteen if you did it Scott Schmidt style), including one awesome turn over the gap. It's all about style!!

My Fischer Koa 84s & Diamir Eagles have been my two best friends this post-resort season. Thank you guys for being so awesome and making this truly an April, May & June to remember :)

This is what we were skiing on! A little dirt, a little corn, but absolutely soft and wonderful! You could see our tracks where we had pushed the dirt aside to expose a beautiful white base underneath. Not too much base, but base none the less!

A few PBRs and turns later, the gang is all set to walk back down Skye Peak under the stars of a perfectly clear sky and head to JAX to claim our free burgers! Totally crazy, but we made the most out of the skiing that we had. Thank you to Tucker, Kelly, Phil, Mariah Aaron, & Vespoli for one more totally awesome day of skiing at Killington.

June 1st, Bitches!!

See you on the Mountain,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Skye Peak, Killington, Vermont

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