Monday, May 16, 2011

Pumpkin Pie for Breakfast

Skier Stories #1: Pumpkin Pie for Breakfast

So, back where I come from, the ski hill would wait to open until the day after Thanksgiving. Me & buddies, we all started going every year and the group got bigger with more buddies and girlfriends. Then we needed two cars. I was running late that day (what, late, me? phgaw) so I stopped in and picked up a pumpkin pie for breakfast. perfect, right? Well, it didn't take my car more than 20-25 minutes to figure out that we could hit the car behind us in the windshield with the pie and it would be awesome.

Next thing I know, I am hanging out the side window, holding the pie and trying to gauge the wind - and it's like crazy, whoah, bouncing wind but then I let her go...and the wind picked her way up, catching her and WhAM! hit the windshield! The lady driving the other car swerved a few times and she had the bright idea to use her wipers to smear the pie all over the windshield. It was awesome.

Now her boyfriend (my buddy and he was a good boyfriend), all noble and shit, offers up his swetshirt to clean up the pumpkin mess. So...he takes his coat off and puts it on top of the car...I bet you can see where this is going!! But they use my buddy's sweatshirt and get it all cleaned off and we head to the ski hill. remember - my buddy left his coat on top of the car!! Now he has no coat, no sweatshirt. Wait, wait, it get's better...just as we get to the hill it's starts to freezing rain and my buddy got mono because he skied in his long johns. And everybody blamed ME.

FemaleSkiBum: Wait - did your buddy ski all day?
PhillyB: You bet he did! And we had a kick ass time.
FemaleSkiBum: Sweet.

Location:Driving on 89 South, Vermont


  1. I love this story!

  2. I brought the pie from home!! Grabbed it off the kitchen counter; with boots in one hand, as mom was trying to pack my lunch. NO time, lifts open at 9 mom....