Tuesday, May 3, 2011

3 May 2011

As the snow begins to melt, and I mean dissapear, the East Coast skier is faced with a dilemma. Yes, you can travel around to the different resorts that are still open (Jay on Sunday?), but you can also watch the transition of the season at home. And the seasonal transfer comes with new & different challenges:

First of all, I really hate taking my skis off. Sliding through mud & gunk and "skiing" fast grass, are vital parts of being an east coaster at the bumpers of winter. The ability to ski through the crappiest surface with thought to anything but the adventure is required around here - There are so many 'oh, but it's so close' as you look out to the next snow patch...

Oh, but the downside of being too lazy to take my skinned skis off today? They were trashed, soaked, pine pitched and just plain not sticking any more - not to my ski, each other or themselves. They had decided. But after eight years, three pairs of skis and several homemade adjustments & repairs, my Black Diamond Ascensions have been a most trusted piece of my backcountry gear. They deserve a break, a drying, a cleaning...maybe a reglueing...

So I had to carry my skis the last 40% of the elevation gain.

See you in the Woods,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Killington, VT

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