Saturday, May 14, 2011

12 March 2011

Seventy degrees and bright blue skies makes for excitement on the beginning which is quickly squelched by the realization that Vermont residents are not prepared for weather this hot this early. I am not the only one of my friends to be home nursing a sunburn right now... IS possible to have a lifejacket tan simultaneously with a goggle tan!!

As we ski on the mounds of remaining snow at Killington, we should give thanks to the men who make that snow: Snowmakers!! So, to honor them, we walk up the trails, in their footsteps, alongside the big pipes and brightly multi-colored hoses...and then whoop it up on the frozen deliciousness that they have made for us :) Thank you so much, guys!! Love you!

For our final run tonight, we had the pleasure of making turns underneath the moon after enjoying the colorful sunset. But the real story was the combination of the soft snow and the beautifully formed moguls, left to melt after the final open weekend. My experience on Superstar today was one of pure joy, smoothly bouncing from one bump to the next, almost like floating between bobs on the ocean, like being rocked to sleep like a baby. Has there ever been anything so wonderful for the soul than a hike up and a ski down?

Thank you to everyone, once again, for making the special effort to take a few extra steps for an amazing experience. It's what makes us ski bums :)

See you in the Woods,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Killington, Vermont

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