Thursday, April 14, 2011

Skiing & Baseball?

My dad was a pitcher, with a mean curve ball. Naturally, I learned how to catch. I was trained to guide pitchers through their toughest moments, nut mostly I learned how to not be afraid when someone throws 70 miles an hour at you. You can't flinch, you can't shut your eyes for even a tenth of a second because if you do, the ball will either receive a pretty nice welt or redicule of your teammates. While I can safely say I received a fair balance of both, I eventually learned to retrain my focus from avoiding the incoming object to instead directing my body into a specific movement in reaction. In baseball, you have to demonstrate a quiet body to sell the pitch to both the batter and umpire, and actually catch the damn ball.

We recently discovered, thanks to all these GPS tracking devices, that we ski about 25 miles per hour through the trees. That is at one third the speed of a baseball coming at you! Perhaps all those years of 70 mph objects coming at me made 25 mph objects seem that much less intimidating? Granted, there are lots of trees as opposed to one baseball, but isn't that like fielding practice? Ball after ball gets thrown and you've got to be quick on you feet, maneuvering, dodging, lunging after that ball. Now we are just lunging for the spaces in between the trees.

See, I always knew baseball was awesome!!

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