Quilt Break!

Sometimes, the flow of the world coincides with my life journey. Thunder and lightening ruled the morning, with rain pouring out of the sky. With my mother in town, it was the perfect day to head off onto a newer adventure: Quilting.

Last year, my mom taught me, not only how to quilt, but how to sew. Finally!! Well, today was my first ever official trip to a quilt shop; a personal My mom and I drove out to Chester and into an experience I was completely unprepared for. This photo shows only one of the almost ten rooms in the shop! There was an entire room each for black, brown and white/beiges?! Seriously, how the hell are you supposed to find the right fabric? It was such an overwhelming experience...

I was ending up with a blue quilt. I HATE blue. I mean, I like the sky and love the water, but blue just.....my mom quickly suggested that we go to lunch. You know, the more I look at all these fabrics, I think that I might really like this quilt...I guess a motorcycle ride will be in store soon :) I did have to laugh at this shop though - there were little goody baskets of fat quarters rolls everywhere! probably why Ibended up leaving with two projects...and now a third stewing in my brain. Time for Yoga.

See you in the Woods,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Chester, Vermont