The Great Healer

Everytime I go out into the woods, I am amazed at the healing power of nature. As a child, I would lay on my bed, looking out my second story window into the branches of my tree and be at peace.

There was always something magical about how the branches seemed to reach toward the sky, yet be so rooted to the earth. Even though my tree and I were separated by the window pane, I could feel my spirit blowing through her branches and uplifting my soul. I saw so many different variables of life stemming from one massive trunk, but I never wondered how this was was just enough to enjoy the natural beauty of it all.

Today, I find myelf once again enraptured by the beauty of branches in nature. More than ever, I find myself looking up as I wander through the woods. I am amazed at how every branch, every single tree, each moment are unique and here I have the priviledge of journeying through the woods to experience it. The beauty folds around me, and I can feel the spirit of the forest wrapping around me just as it does the trees and I am honored. I am part of the forest, if only for a few hours, and I am at peace.