First Paddle of the Season

First Paddle of the Year!!

Thanks to the crazy rain over the past few days, there was a CURRENT at Lake Kanauwake. Vespi and I almost got stuck in the tunnel from the 3rd to the 2nd Lakes!

But we had some fun checking out the far end of the lake since the lily pads have yet to take over Little Long Pond this early in the season...which makes the lake a LOT longer :)

The first Lily Pads starting to grow in...

The Aescalpious Rock Garden

and the waterfall on the 2nd Lake, usually a pathetic run-off stream, was a full raging river!! much so, that Vespi was a little intrepid crossing over the runoff!!

See you in the Woods,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Lake Kanauwake, Harriman State Park, NY


  1. Were you testing out the new boat? - Jamie

  2. nope, not yet. i want to get the gunwales oiled up first. the wood is really dry. stole the Red Racer from my parents' garage. gotta love those duct tape seats!


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