23 April 2011

So often, Springtime in Vermont is full of surprises. Some Vermonters have taken to calling this season "Swinter," but I believe that fails to embrace the concept that Spring is a season of change. Spring is a battle of sorts,

between the flowers trying to bloom and grow and the snow holding on for dear life. But it is the gradual death of one that brings about the beauty of the other. To see spring a merely a time where Daffodils and Tulips reign supreme is to deny the beauty of a crocus breaking through the icy crust while a pansy is covered in a dusting of April snow.

The past two days have been beautiful in their demonstration of all that Spring may bring. Yesterday, we saw a young skier in just his shorts beating himself up in the warm, slushy bumps of Superstar. Today, I took out my down coat and Dermatone to keep warm in the April snowstorm. It is these dramatic changes in weather that make Spring such an exciting season, leaving you wondering what it will look like when the winter drapes are pulled back every morning.

For the skier, Spring brings a mix of fear and excitement. The afternoons of soft, melting bumps are countered by the mornings of rock solid mounds of unskiable torment. But then are days like today, miraculous days, where somehow the base never quite firmed up last night. The snow is pliable, soft enough to endure but not quite gleeful...unless, that is, it is covered with a few inches of new spring snow. It's not a powder, but it is just enough to float.

It might be the last chance the skier has to encourage the dream. One more oppportunity to feel the magic where one turn can hint at the feeling of floating on air. Today was that day. I couldn't wipe the grin off of my face. The float was there. We are reminded of the precious magic of Vermont snow and how much we love living in our winter wonderland. But we must cherish this day. For tomorrow, this white blanket will be gone.

See you in the Woods,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Killington Resort, Killington, Vermont