21 April 2011

If today was opposite day, today's ski conditions were fantastic! It looked hopeful heading out...it snowed all morning! Alright, it more like mini snowballed all morning, but there was still white stuff coming out of the sky!! Getting off the K1, it looked like ice climbing season was starting again...

and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! White puffy clouds moving VERY rapidly across a beautiful blue sky...so much so that it was difficult to move down the hill! Gotta love a crazy windy day that somehow doesn't close any lifts!

But...the ski conditions were just gross. You skied over groomer tracks that had frozen solid in place - and the cracks were filled in with the freshly fallen snow...

which was still better than the non-groomed terrain, which was not open to the public. Checked out a few of the more easily accessible spots...and at least there was traction.

Swampy footprints we exposed at K-Base, where the snow had warmed up enough to move around. The groomers must have pushed snow over a puddle here...

Thanks again to anyone who purchased a lift ticket today. You are truly a dedicated skier.

See you in the Woods,
FemaleSkiBum :)

Location:Killington Resort, Killington, VT