Wednesday, February 9, 2011

9 February 2011


While the trail system was mildly windblown and slightly heavy on our dear South Ridge, the woods there were just so light and fluffy - and there weren't any exposed rocks in the Falls Brook Woods Area.  Northbrook was more of the same, except that the traffic had made for more packed down tracks.  But the real magic today was the Northside, where the winds had died down, the sun was out and the woods were fluffy.  Just amazed every run at how wonderful the conditions are!!

The snow is getting deeper and the branches are weighed down by all the snow - making for some very low clearance in the woods...telemarkers should be super stoked!!

Only slightly sketchy and windpacked in some areas...nothing that being light on your feet couldn't make up for, but slightly ski separating none the less.

My Cathedral.

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