Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Escapade Moose

As I sit here at JAX, I have to take a deep breathe to gather in all the snow that we had today. Such a wonderful day out there, the snow stake is calling for 19 inches over the past 24 hours. :). It doesnt get too much better than this, so we better get out and enjoy these days when they come. And the best part about today? My best boy actually got to come out and ride with one of his ski mentors, a McDermott. Anyone who has worked out of rams head knows that they are some of the craziest skiers on the mountain and we haven't gotten to ski with them in such a long time...
...but the sad part of the day was the passing of the Escapade Moose sometime this afternoon. all day skiers and riders were spotting a moose in the woods off of escapade, describing a mangy moose with a growth coming out of the side of his neck - I'm pretty sure its the same one we saw last December on the Great Hopeful Moose Hunt. Unfortunately, the game warden did not feel that the moose was in its rit mind when he saw it gain today. It must have been interesting if you happen to come around the Corner and see the game warden shooting or dragging a dead moose down the mountain. Oh well, at least his final day was getting to hang out in the escapade woods powder :). And I'm pretty sure he had that section of the trail all to himself for the entire day. Well, until the game warden took it away from him.
But the skiing today! Ad the snow is stil coming down! We had to scrape off the car several times today...and you know it's good skiing when you have to keep a shovel in the car. Just in case.

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