Sunday, January 2, 2011

Procrastination vacation

Well, its my first actual day off since well before Christmas - although there have been days where I only worked one part of the day...that wasn't my original thought, but that is okay. I just really cannot believe that my body is actually so utterly exhausted. Skiing all day & waiting tables all simply not sustainable for long periods of time. I m so excited I was able to get off from work to ski with my cousin, but yet again I chose to ski instead of going home and resting. Not that I am complaining about having to ski. :). I am super glad that I had to work really hard this week...but I thinking that i haven't really had time to rest or do things like going to the recycling center and doing my laundry. If I have to work and make money, that takes quite a bit of my energy and effort - so during the busy week I forego the mundane tasks of trips to the post office for another hour on the slopes. I'm even too lazy to go down to the Forerunner to demo a pair of skis that I have been looking at. :|. Even the one day that I didn't go skiing, I went snowshoeing with my cousin, and then to work. Adventuring on the mountain I just about the best form of procrastination that I have yet to cone across...of course tonight I had to spend the entire night that I wanted to be relaxing cleaning my room, washing the dishes...

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