Sunday, January 9, 2011

First Full Sunday. :)

Holy crow am I exhausted. The day started out with The first day of Sunday Hopefuls - an amazing set of 5 - 7 yer olds who just rip up the mountain. We spent the morning sessioning the ride on box in the Timberline Terrain Park. the kids made some amazing advances. one young lady had tried earlier that run to jump onto an elevated box and failed to jump high enough, just crashing straight into the box. Ouch! however, by the end of the session, she had regained her six year old courage enough to stomp her landings and start riding again with confidence. :). In fact, most of the little guys were starting to work on riding the box 50/50, learning the hard way to put their weight on the downhill ski. I'm fairly certain that they will be finding huge bruises on their hips over the next couple of days. A few of the boys landed pretty sharply on the corner, while others began starting to move toward completing a flat spin 180 into a switch landing! How awesome is that! Then, of course, we had to run over to Bear real quick so that we could show off our Hopeful skills in the Dream Maker Superpipes - you know ,the one with 22 foot walls that Shawn White and everyone will be competing in a few weeks. Yeah, my Hopefuls were not afraid at all! A few even managed to get up as high as 18 feet on the wall - definitely putting some of the grown-ups attempting the pipe in their place. I love riding with these little guys - they push me to really try hard to be better than them. it's hard to teach something when you can't do it yourself. it looks like I'll be spending quite a bit of time in the park each week so that I have something to teach the kids on Sunday. :)
But then it was the afternoon - and time for some M&M time - but not before my hanging out with my little ski buddy Bridger who has finally learned to say my name!! MISA!! But then his mom and I headed out to do some skiing of our own...we went straight to the GIGGLE CHAIR...and then ended up drinking wine on the Vista Deck on one of the most bitterly cold and viewless days of the year. Haha! It was awesome though - I can't wait to spend some sunday afternoons there when a view can actually be seen and the weather is warm enough so that our wine won't freeze in the glasses while we are drinking it! Then, with some good advice, we headed over to check out the snowmaking on Outer super nice. The snowmaking trails have been absolutely fantastic as they drop the ropes. :). But, since most everything was pretty skipped off, I've been skiing everyday and Mira was apparently puking her brains out last night, we just skied right to Ana's Empanadas at north brook. I can't believe that I had never been there. Just one of those stops that I have never made - all local beef, chicken and pork and King Arthur Flour. Why haven't I eaten there before?

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