Friday, January 7, 2011

Finding a New Ski Sister!!

I found another ski sister today!! We met at the K1 and I somewhat apprehensively suggested Downdraft - because it was freaking awesome on its opening day, super yummy snow gun snow!! So we get to the canyon quad after ripping it down and I turn around, and there she is with a huge ass grin on her face! And her own version of a woop woop! Not having skied with her before, I suggested taking a run down East Fall since it was groomed and would give our legs a break from the snow gun moguls developing on Downdraft...well, she say, I have to leave for work could we just keep lapping Downdraft? Hell yeah we can lap the awesomeness that is downdraft!! So, we spent the next few runs skiing nonstop runs in the snow guns, laughing our assess off with huge grins and completely glazed heads! As in the some of the snow guns were a little stickier than others. :) it was just super awesome ripping the mountain with another girl - and i only say girl because I always feel like such kid when I'm skiing with someone who plays in the snow, not just skis it!! I love some me some east coast man made powder anyway!!

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