Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Saving Face: Arbonne FC5

Every winter my skin gets completely demolished. Skiing 100+ days a year in the bitter cold winds of Vermont Makes my skin feel like worn out and crispy by the end. don't get me wrong, I love rocking a sharply contrasted goggle tan by the end of the season, but the leathery texture of my skin has made me increasingly nervous about whether just a layer of Dermatone is enough to get me through the remainder of my life on snow. The other day, the woman with whom I was skiing lectured me about not wearing a face mask to protect my skin - I understand her argument that we only get one skin, but I am not about to cover my face in a slimy mask to hide myself from the outside world.
That left me with one alternative - to take care of my skin the same way i do my insides - my finding a product that would enable me to re-moisturize my skin every night sufficiently enough to recover from the daily windburn. This past summer, my mother went to one of those in home parties where a friend of yours tries to sell you kitchen crap, candles or makeup...well this one turned out to be an EU certified, Swiss made skin care company called Arbonne, specifically the FC5 series.


my skin has never felt so silky smooth! I have been using the face wash, hydrating lotion and nighttime moisture cream since the beginning of the winter and my face doesn't have that leathery feel of the past decade. Instead, my skin feels soft and silky. :). And doesn't
T crinkle up with dryness every time I smile! I've been using the face and body exfoliators Once or twice a week to pretend that I am living on a beach - and I am not getting that pasty feeling on the parts of my body that never see the sun for months and months (although everything is still very very white looking!). And then spoiling myself every now and then with the Ginger Citrus Sea Salt Scrub. I will be the first one to admit that i have never taken care of my skin before, but I don't believe that i will ever go back to not taking care of it again. These products are vegan and meet are the strict cosmetic requirements of the European Union, making them just as healthy as they are nutritious for my skin. :).
Thank you, Jennifer and Arbonne, for introducing me to an entirely new world of health!

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