Merry Christmas from the Resort!

Holy wow, I cannot believe how awesome the skiing has gotten in just the past two weeks!  The conditions are amazing and the open terrain is increasing daily!  The skiing is honestly the best Christmas skiing that we have had a long time, if I am remembering correctly.  But two weeks ago, the mountain was so bare that there was no Bear.  But now, Bear is opening a trail a day and wow!  would you believe how great the skiing under the guns on Wildfire is!  Will & I were cruising the mountain and each waved and yelled thanks to a lone snowmaker turning on the guns along Wildfire.  I think he was a little surprised at the thanks - but he shouldn't be - the snowmakers have been doing a phenomenal job this season!  From that unbelievably nasty rainstorm only two weeks ago to natural trails like North Star opening up, this is fantastic!  Combined with the blue skies that we had today and perfect 20 degree temps, how could anyone not be having an absolutely wonderful Holiday Vacation here this week  :) 
And for the best Christmas ever - we'll be getting Great Eastern top to bottom tomorrow!!!!!!! 

See everyone out on the hill tomorrow for Christmas Day!!!