Dynastar Eden 2011

Seriously, this ski just might be heaven for me!  I know that my dad has been skiing Dynastars for a pretty good chunk of time now and I guess perhaps they just fit the way my family skis - might have to get my sister on their bump ski and see what she says!  Now, granted I demoed these 85mm under foot skis on one of the most beautiful powder days of the year, providing me all the loving float that my body could handle (well I did get stuck in theigh deep snow once, but that was more lack of pitch than lack of float.  :) 

I was a little disapointed, I guess you could say, about the softness of the slight rocker tip, but it was only the last 10 or 15 cm rather than an entire front end so it was much firmer than the K2 Lotta Luv with the All-Mountain Rocker.  It was wonderful how I could float through the powder and then roll them onto their edges from some slightly aggressive railroad track turns.  I'm not so sure how they would have stood up to the rigors of the Ski Bum Race today, because I took out the Nordica Conquer instead  :)  Hopefully I kicked ass!

The width of the ski, so wide all the way through, does make me a little worried though.  I think that I will try the 78cm Dynastar Idyll over the next few days to see if that can handle everything that I'm looking for.  I would rather NOT have rocker - it seems like the tip of the ski comes pre-broken - but the little amount of rocker in this ski would at least be alright for one season...any more than that, I'm not really sure how long they would last.  Plus, My bad habit of sometimes picking up my inside foot (only sometimes!) became a real problem on these as I did step on the tails a few more times that I would have liked to. 

I will try to get a photo up soon - my internet doesn't really like the minimal skills of my six year old computer!