Damn my inside foot :(

Ever since I switched over from straight to shaped skis, I have been struggling with the two footed concept of skiing.  Not mentally, because keeping both feet on the snow makes perfect sense, but my inside foot just always seems to want to lift off the of the snow  :(  I know that I have other problems (like my nasty jersey pole flick habit), but the fact that I have yet to really take control over that inside foot really aggravates me.  Since tearing my right ACL last January, I can feel that I am trying to relieve some of the tightness during the roll-over transition by lifting up my right foot and stepping it around the turn instead of letting my ankle crank it over.  It has been really frustrating, because I thought that before my injury I was really getting it but now it feels like I am back at square one. 
So, what can I do?  I have been doing a lot of one ski exercises, trying to gain strength in that weaker leg and then reminding it what it should feel like during transition.  However, I don't really seem to find any necessarily weaker points, except for a general weakness in the knee itself.  This means that the inside foot just seems to be avoiding doing it's job rather than not being able to perform properly.  While this is of great relief to me in general, it makes me more frustrated because perhaps I am lifting my inside foot due to just sheer bad habit.  So I have been really working on just skiing almost 80% pressure on my inside foot.  Of course, this means that I am probably inclining a lot more than usual, but that is something I can fix later...I hope...It is very frustrating when I can do all the drills, but as soon as I take my attention away from my inside foot to focus on variable terrain or whatever, I can feel that foot unweighting beneath me. 
Well, they say that bad habits are hard to break...and it looks like I might have to break this one twice!!!  ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!