Ski Bum Food: Beef Stew

The Ski Bum Diet has gotten a pretty bad reputation over the years, and duly deserved.  I have eaten all kinds of snacks made from the condiments, crackers & marshmellows available at the base lodges, while simultaneously complaining about the quality of food available in the resort areas.  But I think that this past Thursday, amidst the first official powder day of the season, I had to take a warm-up break up at the Peak Lodge at Killington and ended up creating the grossest ski bum meal ever.

I grabbed my cup of hot water, making sure that I said hi to Ma Bailey on the way through the register area, and went and sat down my the fireplace.  Since I had stopped at the Waterwheel earlier, I had a package of Vermont's best beef jerky in my pocket. However, the cold weather had really stiffened up the jerky, making it almost impossible to chew enjoyably.  So, I thought, why not try to warm up the jerky by dipping it in my hot water?  Yum, that really was good! 

Of course, I just couldn't let it rest there - we've made lots of tomato soup with hot water and ketchup, why not try and rehydrate some beef jerky in the hot water and make some stew!  So, I tore the jerky up into little pieces, threw it in with the hot water and added some ketchup and little bit of bbq sauce from the condiment squirter things and wrapped my hands around the cup, breathed in the smell and waited...and waited...and waited...and was completely grossed out!  But, the point of any real ski bum meal is to get the insides warmed up and the body refueled enough to get back out there onto the mountain and into the powder!