Just Keep Paddling

Since I am blessed with a lot of free time in the summer, I have the good fortune of returning to my childhood stomping grounds and participating the Bear Mountain Canoe Regatta, sponsored by the American Canoe Association.  This is a great event that has been around for decades and something that I have participated in since I first held a paddle.  As you can see, our team is fairly serious, in so much as that we all have matching shirts and smiles!  Most of our kids begin paddling as soon as they pass our waterfront test and it's all paddles and canoes from then on! 
2010 Camp K-20 Canoe Team

Our team focuses on a combination of fun and responsibility - once our paddlers reach the age of fourteen, they can participate by becoming a Coach-in-Training, working with the younger paddlers on their skills.  But paddlers come in all shapes, sizes and ages.  My sister and her two-man partner made a return appearance this year, at the ripe old age of almost 30.  And I make sure that all the moms and dads are ready when the 18 & Over age group comes up.  It used to be that I would feel like I was forcing these parents to paddle, but something has definately changed at regatta.  Now I have parents asking me when the their race is, just like they did when they were campers.  Sometimes the regatta calls and you just have to paddle.