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Say Hey, it's Opening Day ... and we're all freaking out!!

Ahhh. The glory of opening day.

But beyond the glory of the first turns and the celebratory ride on the chairlift, comes all the chaos and stress of haven't having done something in over four months.  Especially when that something happens to be the most important thing in your entire life, except perhaps maybe your spouse.

First of all, the announcement always comes at the last minute.  Even though you have been trying to schedule your life around skiing, missing opening day is always heartbreaking.  That's why we hear stories of people frantically moving meetings the night before and college kids guessing how many classes they can attend and still make it to the mountain by noon.  Perhaps you even reschedule your flight home from a business conference because you think you can make it before the mountain closes on that glorious first day.  Last minute also means that you probably have made absolutely no effort to gather your stuff, leaving Day One morning to a ruckus of thro…

Welcome to Ski Country

I was raised by a second generation builder with the heart of a ski bum.
Conversation at the dinner table alternated between analyzing the newest ski techniques and the placement of the septic tank for dad’s newest construction project.I’m not kidding.My first hikes weren’t up mountains, but bushwhacking around undeveloped parcels of land with my father discussing the path of the sun, water drainage and the ideal placement of a possible home.Beyond the obligatory Barbie obsession, Legos were the toy of choice in my home.After the directions were tossed aside, great structures were built from the depths of my mind.Words like “planned unit development,” “kitchen triangle” and “septic system” were as much as part of my family lexicon as “edging,” “hip angulation” and “counter-rotation.”I was, without a doubt, expected to go into the family business and spend my weekends skiing.
My most favorite science fair project was a home that I designed in sixth grade.I remember my mom shaking her hea…

A Changing of the Mind

Seven years ago, I ripped my ACL for the first time ....  Six years ago, I ripped my ACL for the second time ... Five years ago, I ripped my ACL for the third time .... Four year ago, I ripped my ACL for the fourth time ....
Seeing a pattern develop?
Little by little, my addiction to skiing has eaten away at the fibers of my anterior cruciate ligament until there is nothing left.  A lifelong strength athlete, I lied to myself and blatantly refused to admit that perhaps I should ease off.  Maybe some other body couldn't handle it, but I was convinced that mine would be able to continue skiing sans ACL.   I totally had this.

And then the problems started.

I didn't have enough strength to drop my right knee for a tele turn, so I put my tele skis away.
I didn't have enough range of motion to carry a high edge angle, so I skidded all my turns.
I didn't have enough strength to take the…