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Winter Storm Damon: Ski Camping in the Killington "Backcountry"

It snowed.
It rained.
And it snowed a bit more.
And snowed again.
Until the mountains turned from a dismal fall
Into a winter wonderland.

And what better way to experience the beauty of winter
Then by jumping into it full force So I followed him.
The boyfriend.
Up the mountain,
And around the side.
Under trees so heavily laden with snow
that we worried they would break any minute.
Big, fluffy, Dr. Suess type trees
We discovered our own hidden Narnia
As we skinned through the Vermont woods,
Looking for a place to call home. And we needed to do it soon.
The sun was setting through the clouds
- or so we guessed because the snow was falling so heavily
we could barely see a thing
As we skinned deep into the woods
To find our magical spot hidden amongst the trees.

Then it was time to shovel. And shovel.
And shovel some more.
We had to dig a space to put our little winter tent,
Needing to make sure that the falling snow
would not drift around our home
And suffocate us while we slept.

Then we pack down what sno…

Making Winter Where Really There is None

It feels like an endless celebration.
The mountain is gradually opening
One hard worked trail at a time
Making Winter where really there is none.

So we raise a glass
And then stand for one shot ski after another.
We toast a bottle of champagne
And pass around the first bottle of whiskey
- and then a misjudged second.
Making winter where really there is none. Trail after trail as the snowmakers work it off,
Lugging hoses this way and that,
The rats and k3000s stand strong
fighting for space with the new High E mysteries
Making winter where really there is none.

The groomers take the snow that is left,
Piling up what snow they can find
and spreading it out where they can
Turning dirt into white magic
making winter where really there is none.

The lifties are chiseling snow off the chairs
cursing the snowmakers for a misaimed gun
Or the groomers for a misplaced blade
Shaking their heads in laughter at those of us who are here,
Making winter where really there is none.

Patrol is here,
Putting up ropes and droppin…

My ski world is changing ....

I have always been a loner when I ski.
If I don't like your trail selection,
I will usually just ski away.
My ski time is my time.
For me.

The snow is mine,
the turns are mine,
the trail is mine,
the mountains are mine.


I sound like a two year old.
and probably behave like one, too.
(yeah, I snaked that first chair).

But something strange is happening.
I have made a friend.
or two.
and then two more.
and they ski.
and they are ...

That's right.
Girls who ski.
Girls who LIKE to ski.
Girls who actually WANT to ski.
Girls who LOVE to ski!!

For so long, I thought I was alone.
Most of the girls I grew up racing with
won't ski unless their kids need to.
They didn't want to be cold,
or challenged
or go on adventures.
I had to beg them to go
I promise this will be fun.

They were not skiers.

I needed girlfriends who laughed and giggled
who wanted to play in the snow
just like we played with barbies and my little ponies.

I needed girlfri…

Earn Your Turns: Gulf of Slides Spring Edition

The snow is melting
The access trail is gone
But there is snow to be skied up top
It sings to me a sexy sweet song

Like a siren, we hear the snow calling
But it seems so freaking far away
My skins are practically useless
Well hopefully (maybe?) for at least part of the day

So we weigh our packs down,
With more and more and more gear
Ice axe, crampons, beacon, shovel...
Good god, it's carrying all this damn weight that I fear

For the first part is mud,
Where my pole sinks in with a crrepy gross squish
I can't be that heavy -
It's the skis & boots on my back - Yeah right, I wish. But we keep dragging ourselves upward,
Hearing our poles clickety clack as we go
Because somewhere up there In the mountains
there must be some sexy soft spring snow.

The scorching sun comes out
And it is beating me to death
I am a freakin' winter girl -
And this warm weather is hazardous for my health!

I slowly feel myself wilting,
From my 800 pound pack and the heat,
And my legs are all cut up and scratched

Hike-O Pico: Let the April Adventures Begin!!

Ahhh, the joy of pulling into a completely empty parking lot of a ski resort on a 45 degree bluebird day in April. The lifts are not turning, the base lodge stands empty save for a few members of the cleaning crew putting the finishing touches on the season.
But we are here.
With our skins and our backpacks and our dogs.

And our 85 SPF. The sky is a glorious deep blue, but the trees are still covered in ice from the Sunday's nasty storm. But with the sun beating down on them, they glitter and seem to be covered with cherry blossom buds. Like some kinda of Japanese Garden got teleported to Pico for the day and we had the privilege of skinning through this fantasy. It was perfect. Drops of rain like water would fall as the wind gently blew through the treetops. Perfect - except for when the wind would blow and knock the bigger chunks of ice off of the trees. Ouch. Falling ice chinks can really hurt :( and also make for a very odd texture on which to skin up. Coopie didn'…

Backcountry Birthday Tour for Backside Black Pow

I got home from work at 1pm to the boyfriend organizing his pack in the ski room:
Ready for a backside tour for my birthday? It feels like forever since the woods in Vermont have just been so sexy you can ski anywhere and really not have to worry about it. It is like a dream come true, the depth of base that we pray to Ullr for every winter. It's the kind of snow that has me dancing around like a damned sugar plum fairy in a tutu at the beginning of the season. The kind that seems like it is going to stay easily into June... But today is not June.
It is March.
it is our Birthday Week,
the week where we get to celebrate another year on the slopes and
traditionally the week of the most kick ass ski conditions of the year.
Last year, we skied 80 degree temps in the bowl at Tuckerman Ravine with a great group of ski buddies.
This year, just the two of us dropped off the backside of Killington to ski some black pow.
Now this was my kind of date :) So the beginning is always a little…

Vespi: Cancer, Courage, and, of course, Skiing

I'm on my hands and knees, scrubbing yet another blood trail out off the floor while the boyfriend is working on washing the carpet from the intense amount of drool. We recently bought a diffuser to try and mask the extremely offensive smell of rotting flesh that seems to pervade our entire home. The laundry machine is going, yet again, with more sheets and blankets from off of the couch, the floor, the carpet. Outside, the pure white snow is littered with splatters of blood and long trails of a nauseating yellow goo. Her head leans to the left, a result of her recent attack of Vestibular disease and she is constantly crashing into things and losing her balance. We buy paper towels by the cartful, have become frequent purchasers of smell remover...and we have never been prouder.
At first glance all anyone can see is the tumor, steadily growing on the left side of her mouth. It began under her gums, pushing her lip outward until she could no longer keep her saliva in her mouth…